Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying

Slip din flyskræk med denne selvhjælpsbog på engelsk

If you belong to the 20 percent of people who suffer from flight anxiety, here is some really good news: Former nervous flyer and now pilot and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, Lars Toldbo of Fit2fly, has written this inspiring, practical and easy to read book to help anxious flyers overcome their fear of flying.

You will be taken through everything from gate to gate; what is happening and why, all the sounds and movements during taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, approach, landing, and goaround. You will learn about the demands placed on pilots, aircraft, air traffic controllers, cabin attendants, and how aircraft work. In short understand all the requirements and checks that are in place to give us all safe flights.

The nervous flyer has a lot of “what-if”-questions. Those will be answered – from turbulence to engine failure. When nervous flyers get real information and facts about flying, they usually stop showing their horror movies of flying on their inner, mental screen.

The book also helps nervous flyers to change their negative thoughts to resourceful ones by using effective NLP techniques and offers several methods to relax before and during a flight. If you look for answers to questions like “what if an engine fails?”, or “what if the oxygen masks fall?”, or “can the wings break off?” or “what if the captain gets ill?”, “what happens if lightning hits the aircraft?”, or… then you have come to the right place.